Character Creation

Characters will start at 5th level
Standard Point Buy
No Magic Items
Starting gear – you can have any gear you want (except magic items, see above), however as you will start the campaign captured, you will have been stripped of all possessions to start.
General Backgrounds only
Choose a Theme

Provide at least a basic background ie. Where your character is from? Why they left? What sort of adventuring have they done (if any)? You can include as much information as you like (more for us to work with). For the minimalist something like “I’m a dwarf. I come from a Mountain Dwarf Kingdom in the North. I left to seek personal fame and fortune, and I have been fighting goblins.” is enough but cool little details like “My family entrusted me with my grandfathers axe” might add to the fun.

You have been captured by the forces of the Nerothan empire, how did this happen?

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Character Creation

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