Raina of the Iron Wolf Clan

Mul Berserker. Long hair twisted into many rope-like sections. Does not appear to wear clothing - difficult to tell for sure as, with the exception of her face, her skin is tattooed all over, including her scalp, her palms, & the soles of her feet.


Raina grew up in a large but remote Mul desert tribe located many leagues to the west of Ancharl. Her family had been the most prominent clan of the tribe in days of old but by the time Raina reached adulthood, their numbers were dwindling and their influence had waned. To try to regain their status, some of the warriors of the clan were sent away from the tribe to make a name for themselves so that they could return and boast of their adventures.

Raina had been travelling on her own for about a month before she was ambushed one night and taken captive. Her abductors kept her heavily drugged and brought her to Ancharl, thinking that they could sell her as a unique slave. Due to her ferocious nature, the only buyer they were able to get was someone “recruiting” for the Coliseum. Thrown some rags and ordered to cover up, she was transported to the gladiatorial pits and told that if she survived and put on a good show, she would get a chance to plead with the Mistress of the Games for her freedom and her belongings.

Raina of the Iron Wolf Clan

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