Motin Tate, Longtooth shifter runepriest

An older man, he has a long black beard that is unkempt and generally keeps to himself.


Motin is an older man (around 50) and looks like he has spent all of those years outside. His disheveled black beard looks more like a small bush has been put on his face. He wears the rest of his hair back in a ponytail.

Despite his age, he has quick,alert eyes that seem to take in your deepest secrets at a glance. He wears what appears to be a full wolf’s hide on his back, leaving his muscular chest exposed and a long sword at his side. His chest and arms are heavily tattooed. Close inspection reveals each tattoo is of a wolf or a wolf pack.

It is rumored that a large wolf follows him around but no one can ever find it and he has never been seen with the wolf.

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Motin Tate, Longtooth shifter runepriest

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